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Web Reputation

Company image

The image and reputation on the web, also known as “Web Reputation”, currently constitute a real corporate asset, which as such must be defended and preserved. De Luca Law Fimr offers an assistance service in monitoring the reputation level on the web, with accurate reports on the activities to be undertaken.

Image Public Personalities and Private Citizens

We offer a monitoring and action service to protect the web reputation of celebrities in the entertainment world. We provide with specific procedures for the removal of unwanted content (e.g. fake images, defamatory content, etc.).

Have you been involved in any chronicle news and years later your name still appears in search engine results? We can assist you in exercising your right to be forgotten. With our support you can obtain the removal of content that, although related to facts that have really happened, do not appear to meet the right to chronicle and the public interest.

TripAdvisor and fake reviews

The problem of false reviews on TripAdvisor has taken on worrying proportions. More and more companies are claiming to have detected the presence of reviews of dubious origin, evidently designed to alter the normal operation of TA.
The TripAdvisor philosophy is well known, but there is no doubt that the system needs corrective action. In fact, currently the protection for companies that are victims of “dubious origin” reviews is limited, given the wide freedom that TA leaves to users and the guarantees of anonymity.

What to do?

In this scenario what can companies do to defend their web reputation? Is it possible that there are no remedies for this distortion? First of all, it is necessary to assess individual cases, and react appropriately for each review deemed suspicious.
It should be remembered that, if you find the presence of “suspicious” or prepared reviews in violation of the terms of use of TA, you can make a direct report through your control panel. This is a first step whose effectiveness, however, does not always meet the company’s expectations. TripAdvisor’s response time is not always short, and in many cases TA responds to the report stating that it has not found any irregularities in the reported review.
In this case we can say that not all is lost, in fact it is possible to pursue other ways to get the removal of “defamatory” comments.

Our procedure

Over the years, De Luca Law Firm has developed an effective methodology in the analysis of individual reviews, aimed (where possible) at identifying the authors of the reviews. In most cases the removal can be requested by sending a notice to the author. It is necessary to highlight all the reasons that attest the falsity of the statements in the review and the image damage it causes to the company. Of course, the preparation of a warning notice requires a careful analysis of individual cases, to verify the existence of all the assumptions, and assess the concrete possibility of identifying the author.
Lastly, it is possible to send a notice to TA if it has not responded, or has done so unsatisfactorily, to the company’s report. Also in this case, however, an evaluation by the Law Firm will be necessary.

De Luca Law Firm, thanks to the experience acquired in this field, offers its availability to all companies (hotels, restaurants, b&b, etc.), victims of defamatory reviews, as well as to web agencies that operates in image management.

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