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Giuliano De Luca has always been involved in the fight against Cyberbullying. First of all, it is necessary to educate the younger generations so that they can use electronic devices in a conscious way. Until we are able to create a true “Digital Education”, and a synergy between family and educational institutions, the road will always be uphill.

Since June 2022 he is member of the The KID_ACTIONS Lab that serves as an advisory group to provide recommendations and develop guidelines for a whole-community strategy for the prevention, intervention and treatment of cyberbullying-related risks.

In April 2022 consegue he achieved the certification



In December 2021 he achieved the certification “Building a School Digital Strategy with the SELFIE” at European Schoolnet Academy.

In May 2021 he achieved the certification “Digital Literacy and Online Safety” at European Schoolnet Academy.

From 2019 to 2021 he held the position of Senior Project Assistant at “Safer Internet Centre – Generazioni Connesse”.

In 2019 he held the position of Expert with reference to activities to prevent Cyberbullying at ’I.I.S. Adriano Olivetti in Orta Nova.

Since 2019 he collaborates with Mrs. Adriana Battaglia as part of the Project “Digital-TriPax.

He has participated as author in the drafting of the “Guida al Bullo 2.0” adopted by the Department of Equal Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council, in collaboration with the Student Cultural Association  Future Is Now.

Cyberbullying events and participations:2020

– 17 Marzo 2021 – “Sicurezza in rete, privacy e social media” Relatore nell’ambito dell’evento Fiera Didacta – Firenze

– 12-30 Marzo 2021 – “Privacy, sicurezza in rete e social media: quale equilibrio” Convitto Nazionale “D. Cotugno” – L’Aquila

– 26 November 2020 – “Il Cyberbullismo non conosce lockdown” speaker at Job&Orienta;

– 13-14 February 2020 Positano-Praiano (SA) – “Cyberbullismo – Progetto Legalità” I.C. Lucantonio Porzio;2019

– 4 April 2019 Gaeta (LT) – “Bullismo e Cyberbullismo” speaker at italian Youth Festival;

– 26 February 2019 Roma – Istituto Agrario Garibaldi Progetto Bullo 2.0;

– 25 February  2019 Roma – I.C Virgilio Progetto Bullo 2.0;

– 5 February 2019 Milano – speaker at Safer Internet Day Nazionale (MIUR);2018

– 13 March 2018 Latina – lecturer at Liceo Statale A. Manzoni;

– 9 March 2018 San Giorgio del Sannio (BN)- “Istituto comprensivo Rita Levi Montalcini”;

– 23 February 2018 Sorrento – Speaker at la Scuola Santa Maria della Pietà;

– 23 February 2018 Grottaminarda – speaker at Istituto Comprensivo San Tommaso d’Aquino;

– 26 February 2018 Praiano (SA) – lecturer at “Scuola Elementare E. De Filippo”;

– 20 February 2018 Positano (SA) – lecturer at “Istituto comprensivo Lucantonio Porzio”;

– 6 February 2018 Sorrento – lecturer at “Istituto comprensivo Statale Torquato Tasso” Sorrento “Safer internet day – Be Smart”;2017

– 18 May 2017 Piano di Sorrento – invited as speaker by Torre Annunziata BAR at Liceo Classico Publio Marone;

– 7 April 2017 Gaeta – speaker at Youth Festival;

– 7 February 2017 “Regione Lazio” – speaker at Safer Internet Day with over 500 students;2016

– 21 November 2016 lecturer at “Istituto comprensivo Statale Torquato Tasso” Sorrento;

Background Photo by Kat J on Unsplash